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Fostering researcher mobility. Universidad de Málaga.

How to participate?

The U-MOBILITY programme is set in motion with a public call to finance up to 12 post-doctoral work contracts to carry out a research project that will take place in two phases: ...
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Deadline for proposals: September 15th to November 14th, 2011. The list of admitted and excluded applicants shall be published within 10 working days after the close of ...
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Researchers who meet the following requirements on the closing date of the call may participate in the call:   Be in possession of a doctoral degree, or accreditation ...
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The proposal must be submitted on paper before an official registry and in a pdf format via email. The following documents are to help you prepare the proposal. These documents ...
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Comision Europea


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 246550 and from the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad under project COFUND2013-40259.

U-Mobility Fellows

These are the Marie Curie fellows selected under the U-Mobility programme. All of them are carrying out their research projects in an institution outside Spain during 24 months, and for 12 months in Universidad de Málaga.


Urtzi Buijs Martín

Institut de Recherche en mathématique et physique, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)

Departamento de Álgebra, Geometría y Topología, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)



Interaction between rational homotopy and deformation theories:Rational homotopy type of moduli spaces and its applications (RHDT)

This project searches for a deep interaction between (Rational) Homotopy Theory and Deformation Theory. By interpreting the latter under a homotopy theoretical approach we expect to determine the rational homotopy type of a large variety of moduli spaces, independently of how rigid its nature is, with the only requirement that they must be governed by a deformation functor.


Francisco Javier López Martínez

Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University (USA)

Departamento de Ingeniería de Comunicaciones, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)


Cooperative spectrum-sharing systems: Performance Limits under reAlistic constraints (COPLA)

This project aims to determine the fundamental limits of wireless communication systems based on the cognitive radio paradigm. Specifically, I want to characterize the underlying stochastic processes in these scenarios in the presence of non-ideal conditions, and to study how the dynamics of these random processes affect the achievable performance.


  • J.F. Paris, F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya. On the connection between gaussian Q-functions and a class of hypergeometric functions: Application to LCR of lognormal processes. IEEE Communications Letters 2013, 17 (8), 1493-1496. 10.1109/LCOMM.2013.070113.130756
  • D. Morales-Jimenez, F.J. Lopez-Martinez, E. Martos-Naya, J.F. Paris, A. Lozano. Connections between the Generalized Marcum Q-Function and a class of Hypergeometric Functions, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 2014, 60 (2), 1077-1082. 10.1109/TIT.2013.2291198
  • G. Gomez, F.J. Lopez-Martinez, D. Morales-Jimenez, M.R. McKay. On the Equivalence between Interference and Eavesdropping in Wireless Communications. To appear in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2015. TVT.2014.2387475
  • F.J. Lopez-Martinez, J.M. Romero-Jerez. Asymptotically Exact Approximations for the Symmetric Difference of Generalized Marcum Q-Functions. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 2015, 64 (5), 2154-2159. TVT.2014.2337263
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  • F.J. Martin-Vega, F. Blanquez-Casado, F.J. Lopez-Martinez, J.T. Entrambasaguas, G. Gomez. Further Improvements in SOVA for High-Throughput Parallel Turbo DecodinG. IEEE Communication letters 2015, 19 (1), 6-9, LCOMM.2014.2371041
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  • L. Moreno-Pozas, F.J. Lopez-Martinez, J.F. Paris, E. Martos-Naya, “The kappa-mu Shadowed Fading Model: Unifying the kappa-mu and eta-mu Distributions”, to appear in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. (2016)
  • F.J. Lopez-Martinez, L. Moreno-Pozas, E. Martos-Naya, “Novel Results for the kappa-mu Extreme Fading Distribution: Generation of White Samples and Capacity Analysis”, IEEE Communications Letters, vol.19, no.9, pp.1580-1583. (2015)
  • F.J. Lopez-Martinez, G. Gomez, J.M. Garrido-Balsells, “Physical Layer Security in Free Space Optical Communications”, IEEE Photonics Journal, vol. 7, no. 2. (2015)
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Cristina Alcaraz Tello

Information Security Group, Royal Holloway, University of London (United Kingdom)

Departamento de Lenguajes y Ciencias de la Computación, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)



Controllability under Adversarial Influence in Critical Information Infrastructures (CAIN)

My project studies the dynamic protection of control networks under the assumption of adversarial activity with the ability to gain control of complex critical networks, such as Smart Grid systems. This involves identification of those power-dominating sets of a control network through properties of graph theory, in addition to stabilization of the network when facing threating situations.


Dolores Fernández Ortuño

School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences, Clemson University (USA)

Departamento de Microbiología, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)


Development of a novel, web-supported fungicide resistance monitoring program for pathogens affecting strawberry and technology transfer to support producers in Spain (PROFILE STRAWBERRY)
Botrytis cinerea is responsible for gray mold diseases on more than 230 plant species worldwide, including strawberry crops. The main strategy to control the disease involves the application of different classes of fungicides despite that B. cinerea is considered a high-risk pathogen for resistance development. The goal of my research project is to develop a resistance profile monitoring kit as a tool to rapidly determine location-specific fungicide resistance profiles in B. cinerea on strawberry plants. The information obtained will enable commercial growers in USA, and then in Spain, to optimize their spray program for more effective gray mold disease control and fungicide resistance management.


  • X. Li, D. Fernández-Ortuño, S. Chen, A. Grabke, C.X. Luo, W.C. Bridges, G. Schnabel. Location-Specific Fungicide Resistance Profiles and Evidence for Stepwise Accumulation of Resistance in Botrytis cinerea. Plant Disease 2014, 98 (8), 1066-1074. 10.1094/PDIS-10-13-1019-RE
  • A. Grabke, D. Fernández-Ortuño, A. Amiri, X. Li, N. A. Peres, P. Smith, and G. Schnabel. Characterization of Iprodione Resistance in Botrytis cinerea from Strawberry and Blackberry, Phytopatology 2014, 104 (4), 396-402 10.1094/PHYTO-06-13-0156-R
  • D. Fernández-Ortuño, P. K. Bryson, A. Grabke, G. Schnabel. First Report of Fludioxonil Resistance in Botrytis cinerea from a Strawberry Field in Virginia, Plant Disease 2013 97 (6), 848-848.
  • D. Fernández-Ortuño, P.K. Bryson, G. Schnabel. First Report of Pilidium concavum causing tanbrown rot on strawberry nursery stock in South Carolina. Plant Disease 2014, 98, 1010. PDIS-01-14-0048-PDN
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  • D. Fernández-Ortuño, J.A. Torés, A. Pérez-García, and A. de Vicente. First report of fludioxonil resistance in Botrytis cinerea, the causal agent of gray mold, from strawberry fields in Spain. Plant Disease. Disease Notes, vol. 98, nr. 5, pp. 692; 2016.
  • D. Fernández-Ortuño,  J.A. Torés, M. Chamorro, A. Pérez-García, and A.  de Vicente. Characterization of resistance to all chemical classes of site-specific fungicides registered for gray mold control on strawberry in Spain. Plant Disease. Vol. 100, nr. 11, pp. 2234-2239 (2016).
  • Meng-Jun Hu, Dolores Fernández-Ortuño, and Guido Schnabel. Monitoring Resistance to SDHI Fungicides in Botrytis cinerea From Strawberry Fields. Plant Disease, Volume 100, Number 5 , Pages 959-965 (2016)
  • Guido Schnabel; Mengjun Hu; DOLORES FERNANDEZ ORTUÑO, 2015. MONITORING RESISTANCE BY BIOASSAY: RELATING RESULTS TO FIELD USE USING CULTURING METHODS. Fungicide Resistance in Plant Pathogens. Principles and a Guide to Practical Management. pp. 281 - 293. (Japan): Springer. ISBN 978-4-431-55641-1. BOOK CHAPTER
  • Dolores Fernández-Ortuño, Anja Grabke, Xingpeng Li, and Guido Schnabel. Independent Emergence of Resistance to Seven Chemical Classes of Fungicides in Botrytis cinerea. Phytopathology, Volume 105, Number 4 (2015)

Rafael Contreras Cáceres

Department of Chemistry. College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Houston (USA)

Departamento de Química Orgánica, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)


Biofunctionalization of silicon surfaces (Biosurfaces)

This research project deals with the fabrication of silicon wafer substrates functionalized with oligoethyleneglycol (OE) monolayers. These substrates will have 2 important advantages:
1) They are able to eliminate non-specific adsorption of proteins, which is essential for the fabrication of devices for biomedical applications.
2) The OE molecules can incorporate biomolecules as peptides or small molecules for the specific attachment of proteins that will contribute for bioapplications in research lines as biomedicine, chemistry of materials and nanotechnology.


  • C. M. Santos, A. Kumar, S.S. Kolar, R. Contreras-Caceres, A. McDermott, and C. Cai. Immobilization of Antimicrobial Peptide IG-25 onto Fluoropolymers via Fluorous Interactions and Click Chemistry. Applied Materials and Interfaces 2013, 5, 12789−12793.
  • R. Contreras-Caceres, P. Alonso-Cristobal, D. Mendez-Gonzalez, M. Laurenti, A. Maldonado-Valdivia, F. Garcia-Blanco,  E. Lopez Cabarcos, A. Fernandez-Barbero, J.M. Lopez-Romero, and J. Rubio-Retama.Temperature Controlled Fluorescence on Au@Ag@PNIPAM-PTEBS Microgels: Effect of the Metal Core Size on the MEF Extension. Langmuir 2014, 30, 15560−15567. la503864f
  • C. Fernandez-Lopez, L. Polavarapu, D.M. Solís, J.M. Taboada, F. Obelleiro, R. Contreras-Caceres, I. Pastoriza-Santos, J. Perez-Juste.Gold Nanorod−pNIPAM Hybrids with Reversible Plasmon Coupling: Synthesis, Modeling, and SERS Properties. Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2015, 7 (23), pp 12530–12538.
  • A. Díaz,  J.M. López–Romero, R. Contreras-Cáceres, M. Algarra, R. Rico, and M. Valpuesta. New Synthesis of Isoindolo[2,1–b]isoquinolines. Preparation and Aqueous: Bioavailability of its Silica Nanoparticles Hybrid System. Current Organic Chemistry 2015 (19) 1292-1300.
  • R. Contreras-Cáceres, C.M. Santos, S. Li, A. Kumar, Z. Zhu, S.S. Kolar, M.A. Casado-Rodriguez, Y. Huang, A. McDermott, J.M. Lopez-Romero, C. Cai. Modification of fluorous substrates with oligo(ethylene glycol) via ‘‘click’’ chemistry for long-term resistance of cell adhesion. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2015, 458, 112–118.
  • A. Lucena, C. Lucena, R. Contreras-Cáceres, A. Díaz, M. Valpuesta, C. Cai, J. M. López-Romero. Silicon Surface Biofunctionalization with Dopaminergic Tetrahydroisoquinoline Derivatives. Applied Surface Science. 360, 419-428 (2016).
  • Rafael Contreras-Caceres, Manuel Doña, Maria Rosa López-Ramírez, Manuel Algarra, Jesus Hierrezuelo, Miguel Angel Casado-Rodríguez, Maria Sánchez-Molina, Amelia Díaz, Bruno B. Campos, Joaquim C. G. Esteves da Silva, Juan Manuel López-Romero. DMABI tripod structures with sensing capabilities: synthesis, characterization and fluorescence analysis. New Journal of Chemistry. Vol. 40 (3), pp. 2393-2400. (2016)
  • María Sánchez-Molina, Juan M. López-Romero Author, Jesús Hierrezuelo-León, Mercedes Martín-Rufián, Amelia Díaz, María Valpuesta, Rafael Contreras-Cáceres. Synthesis and Covalent Grafting of Tripod-Shaped Oligo(pphenylene) s End-Capped with Azide Groups. Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry. Vol. 5 (4), pp. 550-559. (2016)
  • M. A. Casado-Rodriguez, M. Sanchez-Molina, A. Lucena-Serrano, C. Lucena-Serrano, B. Rodriguez-Gonzalez, M. Algarra, A. Diaz, M. Valpuesta, J. M. Lopez-Romero, J. Perez-Juste, R. Contreras-Caceres.Synthesis of vinyl-terminated Au nanoprisms and nanooctahedra mediated by 3-butenoic acid: direct Au@pNIPAM fabrication with improved SERS capabilities. Nanoscale. 2016, 18, 4557.

Juan Antonio Guadix Domínguez

Afdeling Anatomie en Embryologie, Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (Netherlands)

Departamento de Biología Animal, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)


Local interactions during cardiomyocyte differentiation: translating embryonic signalling to human embryonic stem cell culture (CARDIODIFFCULT)

The regulation of cardiomyocyte differentiation in the embryo is tightly regulated by patterned signals external to cardiac progenitors.
By developing a comparative study of cardiomyocyte differentiation in the embryo (in vivo) and in stem cell culture (in vitro), I seek to identify novel signal interactions, define the mechanics of growth factor-guided myocardial differentiation and deepen the knowledge of cardiomyocyte transcriptional regulatory networks.


  • M.C. Ribeiro, L.G. Tertoolen, J.A. Guadix, M. Bellin, G. Kosmidis, C. D'Aniello, J. Monshouwer-Kloots, M.J. Goumans, Y. Wang, A.W. Feinberg, C.L. Mummery, R. Passier. Functional maturation of human pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes in vitro e Correlation between contraction force and electrophysiology. Biomaterials 2015, 51 (138-150). j.biomaterials.2015.01.067
  • Marcelo C. Ribeiro, Leon G. Tertoolen, Juan A. Guadix, Milena Bellin, Georgios Kosmidis, Cristina D'Aniello, Jantine Monshouwer-Kloots, Marie-Jose Goumans, Yu-li Wang, Adam W. Feinberg, Christine L. Mummery, Robert Passier. Functional maturation of human pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes in vitro - Correlation between contraction force and electrophysiology. Biomaterials. Vol.51, pp. 138-50 (2015)
  • Paul Palmquist-Gomes, Juan Antonio Guadix, José M. Pérez-Pomares. A chick embryo cryoinjury model for the study of embryonic organ development and repair. Differentiation. Vol. 91(4-5), pp. 72-7. (2016)
  • José Rivera-Torres, Anna Llach, Gabriela Guzmán-Martínez, Conrado J. Calvo, Ricardo Caballero, Cristina González-Gómez, L. Jesús Jiménez-Borreguero, Juan Antonio Guadix, Fernando G. Osorio, Carlos López-Otín, Adela Herraiz, Nuria Cabello, Alex Vallmitjana, Raul Benítez, Leslie B. Gordon, José Jalife, José Mª Pérez-Pomares, Juan Tamargo, Eva Delpón, Leif Hove-Madsen, David Filgueiras-Rama, Vicente Andrés. Cardiac electrical defects in progeroid mice and Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome patients with nuclear lamina alterations.
  • Juan A. Guadix and José M. Pérez-Pomares. Molecular Pathways and Animal Models of Coronary Artery Anomalies. Congenital Heart Diseases: The Broken Heart. Springer. 2016. BOOK CHAPTER

Karen Merchante Berg

Department of Genetics, North Carolina State University (USA)

Departamento de Biología Molecular y Bioquímica, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)


The Role of Translational Regulation In Plant Hormonal Responses (Ribosome Footprinting)

My research is focused in a special class of Arabidopsis  weak ethylene-insensitive mutants that are impaired in the translation of genes with structural features in their 5´UTR. Genes with these features are among the ones involved in the ethylene and auxin signaling pathways. The hypothesis is that the affected genes encode key translational regulators that work together as a complex to regulate translation of ethylene- and auxin-responsive genes among others. This research represents an important step towards understanding the role of translational regulation in modulating hormone signaling and responses. The knowledge obtained from this basic research in the reference plant Arabidopsis will serve as the foundation for the development of new biotechnological strategies in strawberries, an important Spanish crop.


  • C. Merchante, J.M. Alonso, A.N. Stepanova. Ethylene signaling: simple ligand, complex regulation. Current opinion in Plant Biology 2013, 16 (5), 554–560. 10.1016/j.pbi.2013.08.001
  • Qiwen Hu, Catharina Merchante, Anna N. Stepanova, José M. Alonso, and Steffen Heber. A Stacking-Based Approach to Identify Translated Upstream Open Reading Frames in Arabidopsis thaliana in Bioinformatics Research and Application. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Vol 9096: 138-149 (2015)
  • Catharina Merchante, Javier Brumós, Jeonga Yun, Qiwen Hu, Kristina Spencer, Paul Enriquez, Brad Binder, Steffen Heber, Anna Stepanova and José M Alonso (2015). Gene-Specific Translation Regulation Mediated by the Hormone-Signaling Molecule EIN2. Cell 2015 Oct 22;163(3):670-83. Epub 2015 Dec 22.
  • Qiwen Hu; Catharina Merchante; Anna N Stepanova; José M Alonso; Steffen Heber (2016). Genome-wide Search for Translated Upstream Open Reading Frames in Arabidopsis thaliana. IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience. IEEE, 2016. ISSN 1536-1241. IF (ISI): 2.309
  • Catharina Merchante, Qiwen Hu, Steffen Heber, José M. Alonso, and Anna N. Stepanova (2016) A Ribosome Footprinting Protocol for Plants. Bio-Protocol. Vol. 6, Iss 21. Nov. 2016

Eduardo Blanco Calvo

Instituto de Investigación Prof. Dr. Alberto C. Taquini (ININCA), Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Departamento de Psicobiología y Metodología de las Ciencias del Comportamiento, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)



Mechanisms of neuroprotection mediated by acylethanolamides in an animal model of perinatal brain hypoxia (NEUROPROTACYL)

Oxygen deprivation is the most common cause of perinatal brain injury. The acylethanolamides, oleoylethanolamide and palmitoylethanolamide are lipid compounds with potential beneficial properties, but their role as neuroprotectants in brain damage derived from acute perinatal hypoxia remains to be fully determined. To this end, we will evaluate the effects of treatments (pre- and post- injury) with acylethanolamides on the physiological and behavioural outcomes of rats submitted to an animal model of perinatal asphyxia at birth. The final aim of the project is to understand the role of these lipid compounds in brain hypoxia and take advantage of their neuroprotective properties to develop efficient therapies that may attenuate the tremendous impact of hypoxia on brain function and behaviour.


  • P. Galeano, J. I. Romero, M. J. Luque-Rojas, J.Suárez, M.I. Holubiec, V. Bisagno, L.J. Santín, F.R. De Fonseca, F. Capani, E. Blanco. Moderate and severe perinatal asphyxia induces differential effects on cocaine sensitization in adult rats. Synapse 2013, 67, 553–567. 10.1002/syn.21660
  • J. Romero, J. Muñiz, T. Logica Tornatore, M. Holubiec, J. González, G.E. Barreto, L. Guelman, C.H. Lillig, E. Blanco, F. Capani. Dual role of astrocytes in perinatal asphyxia injury and neuroprotection, Neuroscience Letters 2014, 565, 42-46. 10.1016/j.neulet.2013.10.046
  • R. Gonzalez-Aparicio, E. Blanco, A. Serrano, F. J. Pavon, L. H. Parsons, R. Maldonado, P. Robledo, E. Fernandez-Espejo, F. Rodriguez de Fonseca. The systemic administration of oleoylethanolamide exerts neuroprotection of the nigrostriatal system in experimental Parkinsonism . The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology 2014, 17, 455-468. 10.1017/S1461145713001259
  • E. Castilla-Ortega, C. Rosell-Valle, E. Blanco, C. Pedraza, J. Chun, F. Rodríguez de Fonseca, G. Estivill-Torrús, L. J. Santín. Reduced wheel running and blunted effects of voluntary exercise in LPA1-null mice: The importance of assessing the amount of running in transgenic mice studies, Neuroscience Research 2013, 77 (3), 170-179. 10.1016/j.neures.2013.09.004
  • A. Bilbao, E. Blanco, M.J. Luque-Rojas, J. Suárez, A. Palomino, M. Vida, P. Araos, F.J. Bermúdez-Silva, E. Fernández-Espejo, R. Spanagel, F. Rodríguez de Fonseca. Oleoylethanolamide dose-dependently attenuates cocaine-induced behaviours through a PPARa receptor-independent mechanism 2013. Addiction Biology, 18, 78–87. 10.1111/adb.12006
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María Moreno Oliva

Lehrstuhl für Physikalische Chemie I, Department Chemie und Pharmazie, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany)

Departamento de Química Física, Universidad de Málaga (España)



Carbon Nanostructures for Application to Molecular Photovoltaics (CNAMP)

The scope of my research project is the development of new organic solar cells, with high efficiency and low production cost, using the combination of different carbon nanostructures with electron-donors or acceptors. To this purpose, I will carry out the characterization of different carbon nanostructures, as single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs), and multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), studying the nature of their chemical, physical and photophysical properties.


  • Anaya-Plaza, E., Oliva, M. M., Kunzmann, A., Romero-Nieto, C., Costa, R. D., de la Escosura, A., Guldi, D. M. and Torres, T., Quaternized Pyridyloxy Phthalocyanines Render Aqueous Electron-Donor Carbon Nanotubes as Unprecedented Supramolecular Materials for Energy Conversion. Advanced  Functional Materials 2015, 25, 7418–7427
  • Nikkonen, T., Oliva, M. M., Kahnt, A., Muuronen, M., Helaja, J. and Guldi, D. M. , Photoinduced Charge Transfer in a Conformational Switching Chlorin Dimer–Azafulleroid in Polar and Nonpolar Media. Chemistry A European Journal 2015, 21, 590–600
  • Nikkonen, T., Moreno Oliva, M., Taubert, S., Melchionna, M., Kahnt, A. and Helaja, J., Synthesis, Aromaticity and Photophysical Behaviour of Ferrocene- and Ruthenocene-Appended Semisynthetic Chlorin Derivatives. Chemistry A European Journal 2015, 21, 12755–12768.
  • Campos, B.B.,  Oliva, M. M., Contreras-Cáceres, R., Rodriguez-Castellón, E., Jiménez-Jiménez, J., Esteves da Silva, J.C.G., Algarra, M. Carbon dots on based folic acid coated with PAMAM dendrimer as platform for Pt(IV) detection, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2016, 465, 165–173.
  • Liu F., Espejo, G.L., Qiu, S., Oliva, M. M., Pina, J., Seixas de Melo, J.S., Casado, J., Zhu, X., Multifaceted Regioregular Oligo(thieno[3,4-b]thiophene)s Enabled by Tunable Quinoidization and Reduced Energy Band Gap, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2015, 137 (32), 10357-10366
  • Mateos-Gil, J., Rodríguez-Pérez, L., Moreno Oliva, M., Katsukis, G., Romero-Nieto, C., Herranz, M.A., Guldi, D.M., Martín, N., Electroactive carbon nanoforms: A comparative study via sequential arylation and click chemistry reactions, Nanoscale 2015, 7 (3), 1193-1200

Francisco José Ávila Ferrer

Istituto di Chimica dei Composti Organo Metallici, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Italy)

Departamento de Química Física, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)



Theoretical study of PHotoinduced processes ANd Their Spectroscopic Marks. A quantumdynamical approach applied to DNA photophysics (T-PHANTASM)

This project focuses on the development of quantum theoretical methods for the study of the decay mechanisms of photoexcited DNA, the first protection of living beings against UV-light induced mutagenesis. By using quantum dynamics, we will analyze the ultrafast dynamics of excited single nucleobases in condensed phase and the decay mechanisms in single strand oligomers, which occur also via charge transfer states.


  • D. Picconi, R. lmprota, F.J. Avila Ferrer, A. Lami, F. Santoro. Quantum-classical effective-modes dynamics of the ππ*-nπ* decay in 9H-adenine. A quadratic vibronic coupling model. Faraday Discussions 2013,163, 223-242. 10.1039/C3FD20147C
  • F. J. Avila Ferrer, J. Cerezo, E. Stendardo, R. lmprota, F. Santoro. lnsights for accurate comparison of computational data to experimental absorption and emission spectra: Beyond the vertical transition approximation. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2013, 9, 2072-2082. 10.1021/ct301107m
  • J. Cerezo, J. Zuñiga, A. Requena, F. J. Avila Ferrer, F. Santoro. Harmonic models in Cartesian and internal coordinates to simulate the absorption spectra of carotenoids at finite temperatures. Journal of Chemical Theory and computation, 2013, 9 (11), 4947–4958. 10.1021/ct4005849
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Antonio José Torija Martínez

Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, University of Southampton (United Kingdom)

Departamento de Tecnología Electrónica, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)



Development of intelligent tools to characterize, evaluate and manage traffic-impacted soundscapes (ITTSoundscapes2011)

A growing body of evidence confirms that the soundscape quality of open public spaces has a crucial influence on population’s quality of life.  For that reason, this research project aims at both developing intelligent tools, which can be used to approach the proper evaluation and management of soundscapes, as well as assessing the performance potential measures in improving the quality of soundscapes.  The final goal of my project is to provide planners, architects and environmental consultants with methodologies and models for the appropriate inclusion of the sound criterion in territorial and urban planning.


  • A.J. Torija, P. Ruiz, Diego, A.F. Ramos Ridao. A tool for urban soundscape evaluation applying Support Vector Machines for developing a soundscape classification model. Science of the Total Environment 2014, 482-483, 440-51 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2013.07.108
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María Elena García Cano

Biochemistry and Cell Biology Department, State University of New York at Stony Brook (USA)

Departamento de Biología Celular, Genética y Fisiología, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)


Specificity Interactions of the Host Ubiquitin/Proteasome system during uncoating of the Tcomplex (Tcomplex)

Ubiquitination is one of the most conserved post-translational modifications in proteins, and is involved in essential eukaryotic cellular processes. One of the most intriguing, yet least studied, aspects of the bacterium-host cell interaction is the role of protein ubiquitination and the ubiquitin/proteasome system (UPS) in the infection process. My aim is to characterize diverse steps in the bacterial infection process that involve subversion by the pathogen of one of the major eukaryotic regulatory systems.


  • Elena García-Cano, Shimpei Magori, Qi Sun, Zehong Ding, Sondra G. Lazarowitz, Vitaly Citovsky. Interaction of Arabidopsis Trihelix-Domain Transcription Factors VFP3 and VFP5 with Agrobacterium Virulence Protein VirF, 2015. PLoS ONE 10(11)
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